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Richard Seltzer, Sr. 1923-2014 (Dad)
"The Golden Years: Memories in Times of Love and War, an article in Maryland alumni magazine Fall 1998 about Richard Seltzer, Sr. and Helen Estes Seltzer (my Dad and Mom)
One View of America in the World War II Generation: The Life and Times of Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr., born June 5, 1923,
Part 1     Part 2
Plan for Peace -- a Model by Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr.
Lessons for Would-Be Principals -- Case Studies from High School Administration (Doctoral dissertation "Human Relations in Secondary School Administration: Case Episodes")
Headshots and resume (from second career as actor and model)
"The Bugle Boy", a memoir of Richard Seltzer, Sr. who died June 1, 2014

Helen Estes Seltzer
, 1920-2010 (Mom)
Helen Seltzer's Extraordinary Women  My mother, Helen Isabella Estes Seltzer, died Dec. 28, 2010, at the age of 90.  Because of her life-long interest in family history, in her memory I compiled these profiles of powerful and strong-willed women among her ancestors, who might inspire her descendants.
Ruminations, a Collection of Poems and a Story
Jimmy Fortune's Way, a short story
Autobiography of Virginia Bradford, silent film star and Estes relative (edited by Helen Seltzer)
Resume for acting and modeling
Genealogy books (Cary-Estes-Moore and Cary-Estes)

Barbara Hartley Seltzer, 1950-2012 (Wife)
The Barb Blogs -- in Memory of My Wife, Who Died December 4, 2012

Prescription Parents (support group for parents of children born with cleft lip/palate
Pension Barb (a story inspired by her)

Bob Seltzer (son)
"Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: Review of Diagnosis, Mechanisms, and Treatments" by Bob Seltzer
"Asthma in Timisoara" (Bob Seltzer's adventures at the 1988 World Youth Chess Championship in Romania) by Richard Seltzer
Bob Seltzer's Tournament Record -- the first 951 games, including from raw beginner to master and U.S. Cadet Champion (ages 9 to 14, unrated to 2353) in 751 games
Bob Seltzer's Chess Games on the Web:
Christian Science Monitor article from 1988 about Bob's victory in a simul against Former World Champion Mikhail Tal
Christian Science Monitor article from 1987 about "Young chess whizzes"
Bob Seltzer's victory (at age 12) over Former World Champion Mikhail Tal in a simul
The chess simul Bob played against Bill Walton, Kevin McHale, and Danny Ainge of the Boston Celtics
Chess resources

Heather Seltzer (Daughter)
"Girls and Chess and Education" by Richard Seltzer

Michael Seltzer (son)
The Eyes of a Child, a short story
Life, the complete text of a novel
Behind Locked Windows, a novel in three parts
Michael by Barbara Hartley Seltzer

Tim Seltzer (son) AKA bluedemonoffire

Tim's fanfiction at
Tim's home page
You Tube account with over 1000 videos and over 700,000 views (Let's Plays of Videogames and TV/Movie Reviews)
30-Minute Video Review of MASH TV Series (all 11 seasons) by Tim Seltzer
Video Review of the MASH Movie by Tim Seltzer
Video Review of the Starship Troopers movie by Tim Seltzer, part 1, part 2
Videogame reviews by Tim
Poetry by Tim
Tim's music video -- Lord of the Rings We Follow You This is an mpeg movie file. If your computer gives you the choice of downloading, do so. With a high speed connection that might take about 10 minutes. Then play it. If your computer automatically opens a movie player, like Windows Media Player, click "save as" and save it to your hard drive or click stop and let it sit for a while. If you have a high speed connection, if you click Play after about 5-10 minutes, it should play well over the Internet.
Essay, What is Godzilla by Tim Seltzer
Best fanfics on the Web, selected by Tim

J. Paul Seltzer (uncle)
Life Lessons (a collection of stories)

Raven (sister), AKA Sallie, singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, acupuncturist
Boston Wellness Center, Raven's acupuncture practice
Raven, acoustic rock with a dash of blues
Raven's path leads to life of song

Chuck Hartley (brother-in-law)
parking lot striping, traffic line markings,  road stiping, pavement marking, line marking, paint striping, athletic field marking, repainting running racks, white lines, yellow lines, safety lines in Boston


Christin Couture, artist, illustrator of The Lizard of Oz
Other works by Christin Couture. Information on The House on the Hill and A Walk in the Woods, other books written and illustrated by the artist who illustrated The Lizard of Oz.

Roberta Kalechofksy, author and publisher

Carlos Melgoza, custom-made hand-carved Mexican furniture
Hand-carved cabinet with illustrations from The Lizard of Oz

Kay Kelley (Grandma Minutia) cartoons and humor

Susan Murcott, water purification engineer

Pure Home Water: an effort to provide safe water in Ghana and elsewhere in the world (web site with introductory video)
Related videos and articles:
Women Water, Access and Scarcity
Checkout the latest toilet block opening ceremony in Taha Village!
Pure Home Water featured in the UAE Expo!
Dubai Live Expo 2020

Deane Rink: producer, writer, project director, editor
Book Reviews and Other Writings by Deane Rink

Rex Sexton, surrealist painter and novelist

Rex Sexton was a Surrealist painter in Philadelphia.  His award winning art has been exhibited in museums, televised on PBS, written about in newspapers, reproduced in magazines and included in national and international exhibitions.  His poetry and prose appeared in cutting-edge literary magazines.  His short story “Holy Night” received an Eric Hoffer award and was published in Best New Writing 2007.  He was married to the neuroscientist Dr. Rochelle S. Cohen. Rex died in 2015, after a long illness. He worked on his writing and his art until the very end. He often wrote about and depicted an out-of-body, near-death experience when he was a teenager suffering form spinal meningitis. At the end, having faced death before, he was determined to "not go gentle into that dark night."

Artwork currently in private collections
Artwork available for purchase

Claude Thau, Target Insurance, "Helping to build a sound Long Term Care Insurance industry"
Executive producer of the movie Big Sonia -- "
In a defunct shopping mall, 91 year old Sonia Warshawski—great-grandmother, businesswoman, and Holocaust survivor— runs the tailor shop she’s owned for more than 30 years. This documentary follows Sonia as an eviction notice prompts her to revisit her harrowing past as a refugee and witness to attempted genocide."

Ed Trobec, sculptor  privacy statement