Genealogy and Family History: Seltzer, Estes, Kefauver, Daly, Carey, Bogan

Ancestor Surfing, an Example of How Wikipedia Can Help to Trace Family Lines Back Over 50 Generations

Extraordinary Women, Ancestors of Helen Estes Seltzer (my Mom)

Seltzer genealogy

"The Golden Years: Memories in Times of Love and War, an article in Maryland alumni magazine Fall 1998 about Richard Seltzer, Sr. and Helen Estes Seltzer (my Dad and Mom)

One View of America in the World War II Generation: The Life and Times of Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr., born June 5, 1923

Plan for Peace -- a Model by Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr.

Lessons for Would-Be Principals -- Case Studies from High School Administration (The doctoral dissertation "Human Relations in Secondary School Administration: Case Episodes")  by Richard Warren Seltzer, Sr.

"The Bugle Boy", a memoir of Richard Seltzer, Sr.

Estes Listings from the Cary-Estes-Moore Genealogy, written and complied by Helen Estes Seltzer, published 1981 and updated here on the Web
The Estes Family in the Italian Renaissance
The Cary-Estes Genealogy Book and Cary-Estes-Moore Genealogy Book

Ties from the Estes Family to Estes Kefauver

Daly family album
Daly genealogy

Bogan family of Cork, Ireland

Life, a novel by Michael Seltzer (my son)
Behind Locked Windows, a novel by Michael Seltzer
Eyes of a Child, a short storyby Michael Seltzer

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