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Ancestor Surfing,an Example of How Wikipedia Can Help to Trace Family Lines Back Over 50 Generations
Extraordinary Women,
My mother Helen Estes Seltzer died Dec. 28, 2010, at the age of 90.  Because of her life-long interest in family history, in her memory I compiled these profiles of powerful and strong-willed women among her ancestors, who might inspire her descendants.

Seltzer genealogy

Daly family from Athlone, Ireland

Daly family album
Daly genealogy

Bogan family from Cork, Ireland

Cary-Estes and Cary-Estes-Moore Genealogy Books - highlghlights and for sale
Estes Listings from the Cary-Estes-Moore Genealogy, written and complied by Helen Estes Seltzer, published 1981 and updated here on the Web
The Estes Family in the Italian Renaissance
Ties from the Estes Family to Estes Kefauver  privacy statement