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Attached is a list of the books I read in 1994. Sometimes I add markers like (*) to indicate books I particularly like. I also try to keep track of how many books of a particular kind (novel, etc.) and from a given country and century (Eng. 19th, etc.), I read each year. For the complete list of my reading since 1958, see

Richard Seltzer


1 Benjamin Hoff 1 **The Tao of Pooh 20th ENG1 ESSAY1


2 Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless 20th ENG2 SCIFI1

3 Alan Lightman 1 **Einstein's Dreams 20th AMER1 NOVEL1

4 Barry Unsworth 1 Sacred Hunger 20th ENG3 NOVEL2

5 Robert Parker Perchance to Dream 20th AMER2 MYSTERY1


6 Umberto Eco 2 **Foucault's Pendulum 20th ITAL1 NOVEL3

7 Sallie Seltzer 2 East Falls Story 20th AMER3 SCREEN1


8 Vassily Grossman 1 **Life and Fate 20th RUSS1 NOVEL4

9 William Faulkner Go Down, Moses 20th ENG4 NOVEL5

10 Amy Tan 2 **The Kitchen God's Wife 20th AMER4 NOVEL6


11 Moliere Dom Juan (en francais) 17th FREN1 PLAY1

12 George Bernard Shaw Man and Superman 20th ENG5 PLAY2

13 George Bernard Shaw The Devil's Disciple 20th ENG6 PLAY3

14 George Bernard Shaw Candida 20th ENG7 PLAY4

15 Nicholson Baker 2 **The Mezzanine 20th AMER5 NOVEL7

16 Barbara Kingsolver 1 Pigs in Heaven 20th AMER6 NOVEL8


17 John Barth **Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor 20th AMER7 NOVEL9

18 Hermann Hesse Knulp 20th GERM1 NOVEL10

19 Valentin Rasputin 1 Live and Remember 20th RUSS2 NOVEL11

20 Ray Bradbury Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, etc. 20th AMER8 PLAY5

21 Voltaire Lettres Philosophiques (en francais) 18th FREN2 ESSAY2

22 George Bernard Shaw The Man of Destiny 20th ENG8 PLAY6

23 Norman Mailer Harlot's Ghost 20th AMER9 NOVEL12

24 George Bernard Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra 20th ENG9 PLAY7

25 Norman Mailer Prisoner of Sex 20th AMER9 ESSAY3

26 Julian Barnes The Porcupine 20th ENG9 NOVEL13


27 Richard Powers Operation Wandering Soul 20th AMER10 NOVEL14

28 Gita Mehta A River Sutra 20th INDIA1 NOVEL15

29 George Bernard Shaw Arms and the Man 20th ENG10 PLAY8


30 Lawrence Thornton 1 Imagining Argentina 20th AMER11 NOVEL16

31 Stephen Crane 2 Maggie: A Girl of the Streets 19th AMER12 NOVEL17

32 Stephen Crane 3 George's Mother 19th AMER13 NOVEL18

33 anonymous Lazarillo de Tormes 16th SPANISH1 NOVEL19

34 Francisco de Quevedo 1 The Swindler 17th SPANISH1 NOVEL20

35 Rosanna Warren 1 Stained Glass 20th AMER14 POETRY1

36 Iva Pekarkova 1 Truck Stop Rainbows 20th CZECH1 NOVEL21

37 Douglas Coupland 1 Generation X 20th CANADIAN 1 NOVEL22


38 Douglas Coupland 2 Shampoo Planet 20th CANADIAN 2 NOVEL23

39 Joyce Cary 3 *Herself Surprised 20th ENG11 NOVEL24

40 D.M Thomas *Pictures at an Exhibtion 20th ENG12 NOVEL25

41 Kate Chopin 1 The Awakening 20th AMER17 NOVEL26

42 Tom Stoppard 2 Night and Day 20th AMER18 PLAY9

43 Bernard Shaw Major Barbara 20th ENG13 PLAY10

44 Robertson Davies 1 *Fifth Business 20th CANADIAN 3 NOVEL27

45 Alessandro Manzoni 1 The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi) 19th ITAL1 NOVEL28

46 Bruce Sterling Crystal Express 20th AMER19 SCIFI2


47 David Duncan 2 ***The Brothers K 20th AMER20 NOVEL29

48 Don DeLillo 1 End Zone 20th AMER20 NOVEL30  privacy statement