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Attached is a list of the books I read in 1993. Sometimes I add markers like (*) to indicate books I particularly like. I also try to keep track of how many books of a particular kind (novel, etc.) and from a given country and century (Eng. 19th, etc.), I read each year. For the complete list of my reading since 1958, see

Richard Seltzer


1 Bruce Chatwin 1 Songlines ENG1 ANT1

2 A.S. Byatt 1 Possession ENG2 N1


3 Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby ENG3 N2

4 Charles Palliser 1 The Qunicunx ENG4 N3


5 Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Script ENG5 SF1

6 Douglas Adams The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul ENG6 SF2

7 Robert Asprin The Bug Wars AMER1 SF3

8 Robert Forward 2 Timemaster AMER2 SF4

9 Orson Scott Card 3 The Worthing Saga AMER3 SF5


10 Thomas Grisham 1 The Pelican Brief AMER4 N4

11 Thomas Grisham 2 The Firm AMER5 N5


12 ed. Bill Buford 1 Granta 43 -- Best of Young British Novelists #2 ENG7 MAG1

13 Dale Carnegie 1 Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking AMER6 ES1

14 Bruno Schulz 1 Street of Crocodiles POL1 N6

15 Geoff Ryman 1 Was ENG8 N7

16 Milan Kundera 3 Immortality CZECH1 N8

17 Kazuo Ishiguro 1 Remains of the Day ENG9 N9

18 Tatyana Tolstaya 1 Sleepwalker in a Fog RUSS1 ST1


19 David Duncan 1 The River Why AMER7 N10

20 Robert Pirsig 2 Lila AMER8 N11

21 Tatyana Tolstaya 2 On the Golden Porch RUSS2 ST2


22 Nicholson Baker 1 VOX AMER9 N12


23 Granta #44 -- The Last Place on Earth ENG10 MAG2

24 Pascal Imperato 1 They Married Adventure AMER10 BIO1

25 Hofstadter 2 Godel, Escher, Bach AMER11 SCI1


26 Henry James The Europeans AMER12 N13  privacy statement