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Attached is a list of the books I read so far in 2020. Sometimes I add markers like (*) to indicate books I particularly like. I also try to keep track of how many books of a particular kind (novel, etc.) and from a given country and century (Eng. 19th, etc.), I read each year. For the complete list of my reading since 1958, see

Richard Seltzer

1 Christoopher Paolini 3 ***To Sleep in a Sea of Stars AMERICAN 21st 1 NOVEL 1
2 Tom Stoppard    The Real Thing [second time] AMERICAN 20th 1 PLAY 1
3 Betsy Woodman 2 Love Potion Number 10 AMERICAN 21st 1 NOVEL 2
4 Betsy Woodman 3 Emeralds Included AMERICAN 21st 2 NOVEL 3
5. Elizabeth Chatsworth 2 The Brass Queen AMERICAN 21st 3 NOVEL 4
6 R. C. Zaehner 1 Hinduism BRITISH 20th 1 RELIGION 1
7 Nancy Felson 1 Regarding Penelope AMERICAN 20th 1 CRITICISM 1

8 William Buck (editor/translator) 1 Ramayana INDIA BC 1 EPIC 1
9 Margaret Atwood 4 ***The Penelopiad CANADIAN 21st 1 NOVEL 5
10 A. L. Basham 1 The Origins and Development of Classical Hinduism BRITISH 20th 2 RELIGION 2
11 Italo Calvino  If on a winter's night a traveler [second time] ITALIAN 20th 1 NOVEL 6
12 Janet Skeslien Charles **The Paris Library AMERICAN 21st 4 NOVEL 7  privacy statement